RITUAL Smudge & Cleansing Spray  [Smudging Alternative]
RITUAL Smudge & Cleansing Spray  [Smudging Alternative]

RITUAL Smudge & Cleansing Spray [Smudging Alternative]

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Smudge & Cleansing Spray - Summer Solstice 2018 Batch

WitchWay smudging spray is an alternative to burning sage as a form of smudging and cleansing. It is great for use on crystals and single room cleansings.
I created to be beneficial for people who cannot burn sage in their sacred spaces. Plus it just smells good!

My supercharged smudging spray is made with a variety of organic sage from the garden, Carnelian stone chips (to symbolize fire used to traditionally light the sage), and a special mixture of organic sage oil, alcohol, and water specially crafted with alchemy to look cloudy (like smoke or burning sage) when shaken.

Each bottle is handmade with care and intention. This smudging spray is only made on the night of the seasonal solstice and left to supercharge amongst a specially grounded crystal grid under the full moon for 2 days. This bottle was infused with
intentions of cleansing negative energies, grounding, and enhance personal growth, healing abilities, love,and regeneration).

Comes in a glass 15ml Spray Bottle

This bottle was created on: Summer Solstice Full Moon, 6/27/2018 @ 9:55pm PT. Limited production of 15 bottles. 

Charged with the following crystals:
fluorite, moonstone, rose quartz, emerald, selenite, clear quartz, golden lemurian, black quartz, black tourmaline.

IngredientsCarnelian stones, fresh purple sage leaf, organic sage essential oil, isopropyl alcohol, H2O


RITUAL is a specialty line of ritual products developed and hand created by WitchWay Crystal Shoppe during specific moon ceremonies. Look for more one-of-a-kind, small batch RITUAL products coming soon!

RITUAL Smudge & Cleansing Spray  [Smudging Alternative]